Tuesday, 2 February 2016

NoESB - A Marketing Gimmick ?!

Some API vendors are doing a peaceful web-oriented fighting with some ESB vendors. The core content is, ESB is not required or better don't use it if you want to improve your time to market and making the organizational software foundation agile.
   Well, well, all those arguments I see are related to cloud and new products/development. The interesting part is putting forward that API Gateway is a replacement for the ESB, where the API Gateway does the similar functionality to ESB. Now this argument itself debunks the theory of "NoESB", when you have subset of similar functionality in 2 different approaches.
   Did some more Googling and landed up at WSO2 site - a popular API vendor, not that I am fan of it. In SlideShare API-Centric Architecture  they have a clear point on that their API gateway is actually a full-blown ESB with some constraint and one has the choice to install the missing features to make it a ESB !
   ESB has their role as much as API, like for integrating in complex scenarios, file/ftp based and legacy application integrations. At the same time, I am a strong supporter on "smart ends and dumb pipes", which I have many times seen violated in BPEL processes. Business logic should be encapsulated in its domain and not be floated in a middleware. This is where the ┬Áservices principle stands attractive.
   It is a pity to see vendors(again!) playing their marketing games and continuing with the confusion era as much as it started with SOA. Beware is the only word, I say to myself !


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