Saturday, 25 February 2017

Developer Engagement and Skill Enhancement

Yeah, referring to MuleSoft Champions program. Never been exposed to something like this from a vendor, but loving it.
    The love is basically, there is a propelling force to do "something" to "get something".  The blend of some fun and practical learning is one of the interest which drives. Let us put the fact out, it is a clever, subtle way to spread a company's presence in the market with very little investment. But at the same time to make it successful, the key is, a very active co-ordinator/administrator behind the scenes with an open mind and encouraging constant inputs from the end users. I guess, MuleSoft has done a reasonably good job on this front.
    What I would like to see more is make more challenges esp. in solution implementations. Everytime I pop into their documentation(Eg. Flat file schemas), there are heaps of things to do and not much articles covering that. Putting that as a challenge is one of the ways to go, I guess.
    For now I am getting my points (hopefully including this one !)

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