Monday, 26 May 2014

ERP and Maps

Long-time since I blogged something....lots of changes from then to now!
Different job(can't say new!), different positions and ofcourse new kids as a bonus :-)
  I have been doubling up as a Spatial Systems Co-ordinator along with my SOA integration tasks, the former being in simple terms taking care off map-based applications and any data related to it. Very interesting and a useful one for the business and end-users. In that way proud of my efforts. Off recently we are implementing a ERP solution and me being part off the SOA integration team has brought in a new perspective in terms of mapping and integration solutions.
One of my curious questions and still on is, ERP and map integrations. Once while I was in a Google Developer Forum in Sydney, one of the architects of Google maps was referring to something like 90% of any data has a location aspect to it. If that is the case and ERP is all about unifying data into a single point of truth where and how does maps fit into it. Still looking for such answers and I have n't seen any great implementations with this perspective. Considering this as a journey to see on the relationship. May be Geo-Intelligence can give some pointers ?! Or may be I just like the fanciful word ?! In all honest seems that way now to me! As the ancient Indian seers say let's explore, which is 2 people, but for now it is me and my mind!

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